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Examples of When Your Pet Should Receive Emergency Veterinary Care

One of the most difficult things many pet owners often deal with is determining whether their pet needs to be seen for emergency pet services. Animals are notorious for hiding their pain, so it’s difficult for pet parents to determine whether an illness or injury can wait until regular veterinary business hours or if it is a trauma that warrants immediate attention. Although certain situations, such as occasion itchy skin or a single bout of diarrhea, can wait until for you to schedule an appointment there are other situations when it is critical that your pet receive emergency treatment. Here are a few examples of when you should bring your pet in for emergency services.


Breathing Problems

If your pet is experiencing labored breathing, or they are panting more than usual, it may be an indication of a serious problem. If they have labored breathing and their gums or tongue is blue or pale, it may be a sign of internal bleeding, heart failure, a serious chemical imbalance or lung disease. If your pet is showing any signs of struggling to breathe, it is critical that you take them to an emergency veterinarian immediately.


If your pet has wounds from an unknown source, has been hit by a car or has fallen, they should be taken to an emergency center in Indianapolis for a veterinary exam. Even if your pet is acting fine and there are no noticeable injuries, if they have been hit by a car or fallen from a car or extreme height, they may have internal bleeding or other injuries that you may not be aware of. Taking them in for emergency services following trauma is essential for determining if there are any head or internal injuries.


Poisoning can happen quickly and oftentimes without you knowing there was a risk. For instance, if your dog accidentally steps in anti-freeze on the driveway and then lick their paws several hours later, it can be potentially fatal. It is extremely important to talk with your veterinarian about the signs of poisoning and if you suspect or know that your pet may have ingested a poisonous substance, call emergency veterinary services for instructions and then take your pet to the vet’s office or emergency room immediately.

These are just a few of the things that warrant emergency pet services. You know your pet better than anyone, so if you suspect there is a problem, the best solution is to take them for an emergency evaluation.

If your pet has been injured, or they are simply behaving out of their norm, contact Shelbyville Road Veterinary Hospital in Indianapolis. You can call us at 317-784-2773!


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