Pet Wellness Exam

Maintain Your Pet's Health with Regular Wellness Exams

Most pet owners understand the importance of taking their pets to the veterinarian for regular well puppy and kitten checks, however, many people are not as well versed when it comes to how often they need to take their pets in to see the vet after their pet matured into adulthood. There are some pet owners who buy pet wormers and flea and tick medications from their local retail store to give to their pets and assume they have provided the protection and care their pet needs. Here at Shelbyville Road Veterinary Hospital in Indianapolis, our veterinarian is educating people about the importance of regular vet care.

Maintain Your Pet's Health with Regular Wellness Exams

Annual Vaccinations

One of the most important reasons to take your pet to see our Indianapolis veterinarian at least once a year is to get your pet vaccinated. Most states require pet owners to license their pets. One of the requirements for licensure is that pets must have valid vaccinations. People who live in rural areas and have pets that could come into contact with wildlife, must have their pet vaccinated for rabies and other vaccinations against potentially deadly diseases like parvovirus and distemper.

Give Them a Voice

Most pet owners think that they understand and know everything about their pet’s well-being as well as knowing how to treat certain conditions. While it is easy to ascertain that there may be something wrong with a pet if they have certain symptoms like excessive drooling, noticeable weakness, diarrhea, or vomiting. It should be noted that not all illnesses affecting pets are visible. Cats and dogs will instinctively keep any pain associated with diseases or illnesses hidden. Wellness exams give pets a voice. A thorough exam conducted by our Indianapolis veterinarian examines how the systems of your pet’s body functions, thus, giving our veterinarian the ability to identify certain diseases and illnesses that may be present.

Engage In Regular Vet Care

How often your pet needs to be seen by a veterinarian depends on the overall health of your pet. The age and breed of your pet are also a determining factor. Pets who are greater than six years of age should have a wellness exam once every 6 months. Dogs and cats under six years of age should have a wellness exam once a year. Wellness exams maintain the health and welfare of your pet. If your dog or cat has not had a recent wellness exam give Shelbyville Road Veterinary Hospital in Indianapolis a call at 317-784-2273 (317-784-ARRF) for dogs or 317-784-6369 (317-784-MEOW) for cats.

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