At Shelbyville Road Veterinary Hospital, our expert team provides all the veterinary services your pet needs. As a full-service animal hospital in Indianapolis, we provide both routine and emergency care, and we are able to care for pets of all ages. Visit us for any of the following services.

Care for Puppies, Kittens, and Senior Pets

Preventative Care and Wellness Exams

Healthy pets should have a wellness checkup at least once a year. Our animal hospital can provide all the routine care your cat or dog needs, including the following:

    • Vaccinations
    • Parasite prevention
    • Declawing
    • Neutering and spaying
    • Microchipping
    • Nutritional counseling

Care for Puppies, Kittens, and Senior Pets

Your pets need special care when they are especially young or old. If you have just adopted a new kitten or puppy (or are planning to), make an appointment at our animal hospital as soon as possible so we can help you get your new friend off to a healthy start. Once your cat or dog reaches their senior years, we often recommend bringing them in for wellness checkups twice a year so our veterinarian can check them for illnesses that older pets are more likely to get. 

Pet Dental Care

We provide routine dental cleanings as well as dental surgery for pets. All cats and dogs need to have their teeth regularly cleaned, but most do not receive the dental care they need. We recommend bringing your pet in for a dental cleaning at least once a year. 

Pet Dermatology

Does your pet seem unusually itchy, or are they showing signs of a skin rash? Our animal hospital can diagnose and treat your pet's skin problems, which may be caused by either allergies or illness. If your pet is allergic to something, we can help you identify what the irritant is so that your pet can get some relief.

Diagnostics and Surgery

If you think that your pet may be ill or in pain, don't wait -- bring them to us instead. Our animal hospital is equipped with an in-house laboratory as well as technology for taking X-rays and ultrasounds. We are able to quickly and accurately diagnose most illnesses in pets, and a quick diagnosis often means better prospects for recovery. 

Boarding Services

If you're leaving town, let us care for your pets while you're away. We are able to board both cats and dogs at our animal hospital.

Your Pet's Health Is in Good Hands with Our Indianapolis Veterinarian

When you bring your pet to our Indianapolis animal hospital, you can be sure that your furry friend is receiving the best veterinary services around. Let our veterinary team help your pet stay healthy at every stage of life. You can call Shelbyville Road Veterinary Hospital at 317-784-2773 to make an appointment.

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